Manabu Iwanaga

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Recently, various schemes against spam are proposed because of rapid increasing of spam. Some schemes are based on sender whitelisting with auto registration , a principle that a recipient reads only messages from senders who are registered by the recipient, and a sender have to perform some procedure to be registered (challenge-response.) In these schemes,(More)
Bayesian filtering is one of the most famous anti-spam measures. However, there is no standard implementation for treatment of Japanese emails by Bayesian filtering. In this paper, we compare several conceivable ways to treat Japanese emails about tokenizing and corpus separation. In addition, we give experimental results and some knowledge obtained by the(More)
OBJECTIVE The academic achievement in Japanese and arithmetic of children born with very low birth weights (VLBW) was examined by means of academic skill tests at the age of 10 years. METHODS The participants were 14 VLBW children who could be followed up in our hospital at the age of 10 years, and 6 men and 8 women. They had a mean gestational age of 27(More)
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