Manabu Inuma

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In this paper, we propose a theoretical framework to construct matching algorithms for any biometric authentication systems. Conventional matching algorithms are not necessarily secure against strong intentional impersonation attacks such as wolf attacks. The wolf attack is an attempt to impersonate a genuine user by presenting a " wolf " to a biometric(More)
Many biometric template protection algorithms have been proposed mainly in two approaches: biometric feature transformation and biometric cryptosystem. Security evaluation of the proposed algorithms are often conducted in various inconsistent manner. Thus, it is strongly demanded to establish the common evaluation metrics for easier comparison among many(More)
—Recently Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) systems are used in many applications. However an individual identification scheme using RFID tags has a serious problem that if there are many tags within the reader's operation range, then the reader can not determine a genuine tag of a user to be authenticated, the identification protocol is executed for(More)
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