Manabu Ichino

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PURPOSE Renal scarring is a serious complication that often occurs with chronic pyelonephritis in the presence of vesicoureteral reflux. In a previous study we established a rat model of renal scarring in which we found the up-regulation of neutrophil-gelatinase associated lipocalin at the mRNA and protein levels. In this study we evaluated urinary(More)
PURPOSE Recurrent upper urinary tract infection is a common complication of vesicoureteral reflux that often leads to irreversible renal scarring. In our previous study of a rat model of renal bacterial infection we performed global gene expression profiling of the kidney during the onset of renal scarring. We have further investigated the product of an(More)
PURPOSE Kidneys procured from donors after cardiac death hold great potential to expand the donor pool. However, they have not yet been fully used, in part due to the high incidence of delayed graft function. Although urine neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin is a well-known early biomarker for renal injury after kidney transplantation, its(More)
Renal scarring is a serious complication of chronic pyelonephritis that occurs due to vesicoureteral reflux. In our study, we performed global expression profiling of the kidney during renal scarring formation in a rat pyelonephritis model. An inoculum of Escherichia coli was injected directly into the renal cortex. Histologically, renal scarring developed(More)
-The rectangular influence graph (RIG) is presented a~an extension of the relative neighborhood graph (RNG). The RNG is an efficient tool for analyzing the clustering of multidimensional feature vectors when all the features are quantitative. The RIG is a similar tool that can accommodate feature vectors some of whose components are qualitative. We show(More)
Donors after cardiac death (DCD) have recently become an important source of renal transplants to alleviate the shortage of renal grafts in kidney transplantation (KTx), although DCD kidneys often have complications associated with a delayed graft function (DGF). A microarray-based approach using renal biopsy samples obtained at 1 h after KTx from DCD(More)
In this paper, a simple and efficient feature selection scheme for symbolic data is proposed. The proposed scheme exploits the symbolic multivalued proximity measures for feature selection. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme has been demonstrated through experiments on standard symbolic data sets