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We present a general modeling approach to crew rostering and its application to computer-assisted generation of rotation-based rosters (or rotas) at the London Underground. Our goals were flexibility , speed, and optimality, and our approach is unique in that it achieves all three. Flexibility was important because requirements at the Underground are(More)
The consumer electronics industry is a $ 240 billion global industry with a small number of highly competitive global players. We describe many of the risks associated with any global supply chain in this industry. As illustration, we also list steps that Samsung Electronics and its subsidiary, Samsung Electronics UK, have taken to mitigate these risks. Our(More)
Dynamic linear programming (LP) models for asset-liability management (ALM) are quite powerful and flexible but face two challenges: (1) many modeling choices, not all consistent with one another or with finance theory, and (2) solution difficulties due to the large number of scenarios obtained from standard interest-rate models. We first survey these(More)