Man-rong Huang

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The ages of a fruticose lichen of Usnea aurantiacoatra (Jacq.) Bory, from Fildes Peninsula, King George Island, Southwest Antarctic, were determined by radiocarbon (14C), and it is 1993-1996 at bottom and 2006-2007 at top of the lichen branch. The growth rates of U. aurantiacoatra calculated are 4.3 to 5.5 mm year(-1) based on its length and ages. The(More)
BACKGROUND People with a new colostomy encounter many difficulties as they struggle to adjust to their ostomies. Nurse telephone follow-up is a convenient way to ensure continuity of care. There is a paucity of studies testing if nurse telephone follow-up can enhance adjustment of postdischarged colostomy patients. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was(More)
Specimens of Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca from Mount Wuling can be divided into two distinct groups based on obvious differences in morphological characters. Here we investigated 26 specimens of R. chrysoleuca from Mount Wuling, 10 specimens of this species from other areas and seven specimens of other Rhizoplaca species by analyzing morphology, chemistry and(More)
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