Man-chung Chan

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The epidemiology of vector-borne diseases in Hong Kong has changed over the past decade but still poses a significant public health risk. We provided a comprehensive review of the epidemiological information and analysed the trends of major vector-borne diseases, including the vector situation in Hong Kong. The incidence of malaria has dropped dramatically(More)
Portfolio optimization problem decides the percentage of the overall portfolio value allocated to each portfolio component with specified risk-return characteristics. A multistage stochastic optimization manages portfolio in constantly changing financial markets by periodically rebalancing the asset portfolio to achieve return maximization and/or risk(More)
In this paper a syntactic proof procedure, Recursive Resolution (RR), will be introduced for a Modal Logic system S4. The RR is analogous to Robinson’s resolution method on predicate calculus. In Predicate Calculus, a well-formed-formula (wff) can be transformed to a set of normal forms (clauses) after a skolemization process where skolem functions are(More)
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