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Compound Danshen injection improves endotoxin-induced microcirculatory disturbance in rat mesentery.
AIM To investigate the effect of compound Danshen injection on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced rat mesenteric microcirculatory dysfunctions and the underlying possible mechanism by an invertedExpand
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Surface biocompatible modification of polypropylene by entrapment of polypropylene-block-poly(vinylpyrrolidone).
A macromolecular surface modifier, namely polypropylene-block-poly(vinylpyrrolidone) copolymer, could diffuse preferably onto the surface and effectively increased the biocompatibility of PP. TheExpand
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Evaluation of a single-pixel one-transistor active pixel sensor for fingerprint imaging
Since it first appeared in iPhone 5S in 2013, fingerprint identification (ID) has rapidly gained popularity among consumers. Current fingerprint-enabled smartphones unanimously consists of a discreteExpand
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Price discrimination based on purchase behavior and service cost in competitive channels
We investigate behavior-based pricing (BBP) and consumers cost- based pricing (CCP) simultaneously in a competitive two-period market in which bricks and clicks retailers sell products to high-cost-type and low-cost consumers during two periods. Expand
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Procurement strategies of E-retailers under different logistics distributions with quality- and service-dependent demand
This paper develops game-theoretic models to study a procurement strategy problem faced by an e-retailer selling products online under different logistics distribution systems. Expand
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The Certification for Inevitability of Cross-Term in WVD
WVD has become an important method for time-frequency analysis because of its mathematical properties. Expand
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History of the Collection Origin,Scatter and Loss of Medical Works in Haiyuange
The book collection in Haiyuege dated from the time of Yang Zhaoyu and the book pavilion was built in 1840 for his son,Yang Yizeng. Through the painstaking collection,up to over 200,000 volumes ofExpand
Equilibrium strategy for human resource management with limited effort: in-house versus outsourcing
In this paper, we consider a firm with limited effort performing core and non-core human resource activities and aiming to choose an appropriate human resource management strategy, in-house or outsourcing within a framework of agency theory. Expand
Trends in the Utilization of Brachytherapy Boost in Vaginal Cancer in the United States
the physician, for the nine CT sets. The dice coefficient (DC) is used as the similarity metric. The resulting DCs range from 0.89 to 0.94, with a mean value of 0.9233, which indicates that theExpand