Man Wang

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Due to resource constraints and unreliable communication, wireless sensor network (WSN) programming and debugging remain to be a challenging task. Runtime errors must be constantly monitored, often by checking for violations of certain invariants. Once an error is detected, diagnosis must be performed to identify the origin of the error. Deterministic(More)
—The tremendous evolution in networking, communication and mobility creates greater security assurance demand than can be provided by simple security measures, such as requiring passwords to gain access to a system. Biometric technologies are being used increasingly as an effective means. The combination of biometrics and cryptography is promising although(More)
Information security continues to be a pressing issue for industry and government. Perhaps the two most fundamental mechanisms for controlling access to information are cryptography and access control systems. This paper presents MLSvisual, a tool that helps students learn the multi-level(Bell-LaPadula) access control model. MLSvisual allows students to(More)