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A Bayesian model-based clustering approach is proposed for identifying differentially expressed genes in meta-analysis. A Bayesian hierarchical model is used as a scientific tool for combining information from different studies, and a mixture prior is used to separate differentially expressed genes from non-differentially expressed genes. Posterior(More)
A Bayesian model-based clustering method is proposed for clustering objects on the basis of dissimilarites. This combines two basic ideas. The first is that the objects have latent positions in a Euclidean space, and that the observed dissimilarities are measurements of the Euclidean distances with error. The second idea is that the latent positions are(More)
There has been increasing interest in assessing health effects associated with multiple air pollutants emitted by specific sources. A major difficulty with achieving this goal is that the pollution source profiles are unknown and source-specific exposures cannot be measured directly; rather, they need to be estimated by decomposing ambient measurements of(More)