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AbstrAct Web services are emerging as a major technology for building service-oriented distributed systems. Potentially, various resources on the Internet can be virtualized as Web services for a wider use by their communities. Service discovery becomes an issue of vital importance for Web services applications. This article presents ROSSE, a Rough Sets(More)
P2P networks facilitate people belonging to a community to share resources of interest. However, discovering resources in a large scale P2P network poses a number of challenges. Although Distributed Hash Table (DHT) structured P2P networks have shown enhanced scalability in routing messages, they only support key based exact matches. This paper presents(More)
STUDY DESIGN The functional recovery of rats that underwent spinal cord transection in infancy was evaluated by multimodal examination (functional tests, electrophysiologic evaluation, tract-tracing) to determine the basis for the recovery. OBJECTIVES To determine whether the hind limb function in rats that underwent spinal cord transection in infancy is(More)
Heart failure (HF) is associated with complicated molecular remodelling within cardiomyocytes; however, the mechanisms underlying this process remain unclear. Here we show that sorting nexin-13 (SNX13), a member of both the sorting nexin and the regulator of G protein signalling (RGS) protein families, is a potent mediator of HF. Decreased levels of SNX13(More)
Myelolipoma is a rare, benign neoplasm composed of mature adipocytes and hematopoietic tissue, mainly occurring in the adrenal glands. The majority of extra-adrenal myelolipomas have been identified in the presacral region and primary mediastinal myelolipoma is very rare. Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are effective methods to(More)
Cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (cAMP), which is synthesized by adenylyl cyclase (AC) and degraded by phosphodiesterase (PDE), plays crucial roles in the regulation of multiple cellular functions and physiological processes. Prolyl hydroxylase domain (PHD) proteins, which belong to a family of dioxygenases that function as oxygen sensors through their(More)
OBJECTIVES In mammals, the heart grows by hypertrophy but not proliferation of cardiomyocytes after birth. The paucity of cardiomyocyte proliferation limits cardiac regeneration in a variety of heart diseases. To explore the efficient strategies that drive cardiomyocyte proliferation, we employed in vitro and in vivo models to investigate the function of(More)