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Continuous Descent Approaches (CDAs) can significantly reduce fuel burn and noise impact by keeping arriving aircraft at their cruise altitude for longer than during conventional approaches(to descend as late as possible)and then having them make a continuous descent to the runway at near idle thrust with no level flight segments. The CDA procedures are(More)
This paper describes novel work on context-aware workflow systems envisaged to integrate and utilise context information from pervasive environments to improve the enactment of mobile work processes. Work in dynamic, mobile environments requires workflow systems to be capable of utilising contextual events to be used in process enactment and coordination.(More)
This report describes the initial work with MAPPAMONDO, a ubiquitous computer system set in a kindergarten environment. Its objective is to offer culture knowledge sharing among children to promote cultural awareness and tolerance. In this project the main goal has been to carry out an empirical background study to receive a deeper understanding of the(More)
We present a general step-by-step extending approach to parallel execution of enumeration of combinatorial objects (ECO).Themethodology extends a famous enumeration algorithm,OrderlyGeneration, which allows concurrently generating all objects of size n + 1 from all objects of size n. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time there is an attempt(More)
Kandidatenes navn: Jon Ole Nødtvedt og Man Hoang Nguyen Fag: Datateknikk Oppgavens tittel (norsk): Oppgavens tittel (engelsk): Mobility and context-awareness in workflow systems Oppgavens tekst: The main objective of this project is to develop a workflow prototype that incorporates context information caused by mobility. This information can be used to(More)
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