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Debonding of the cement-metal interface of cemented femoral components of total hip arthroplasty has been shown from clinical and autopsy material to be a common occurrence. Experimentally, debonding has been shown to increase markedly the strains in the adjacent cement mantle. Studies of autopsy-retrieved specimens demonstrate that debonding of the(More)
Debonding of the cement-metal interface of a cemented femoral component is one mechanism associated with loosening of total hip replacement. An ultrasonic pulse-echo technique was developed to determine, nondestructively, the integrity of the cement-metal interface in vitro. The characteristics of the ultrasonic reflections of bonded and debonded interfaces(More)
Emission from a class of benzene-based molecules known as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) dominates the infrared spectrum of star-forming regions. The observed emission appears to arise from the combined emission of numerous PAH species, each with its unique spectrum. Linear superposition of the PAH spectra identifies this problem as a source(More)
share), 1986 (15 cites) (14) 'A new graphical method for detecting single and multiple outliers in univariate and multivariate data' (with W. (17) 'The use of statistics to evaluate the level and effect of indoor air pollution', 'Indoor Air (24) 'A comparison of expiratory flow rates in two breathing circuits used for the manual inflation of the lungs'(More)
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