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A new species of the genus Hexapleomera Dudich, 1931 from the South Korea, with molecular evidence (Crustacea, Tanaidacea, Tanaididae)
Two genetically-close populations differed in the setae on pleopod 3, the proximalSetae on the maxilliped coxa, and the ventral setae in pereopods 2–3, which showed that geographical distance affected the morphological divergence. Expand
A reassessment of Capitella species (Polychaeta: Capitellidae) from Korean coastal waters, with morphological and molecular evidence
Genetic analysis of capitellid specimens from Korean waters revealed the possibility of the existence of a species complex of C. teleta, and morphological differences in the shape of the prostomium and pygidium and the number of chaetae per fascicle suggest geographical variations in morphology caused by their adjacent environments. Expand
A new species of Leiochrides from the Korean subtidal waters with notes on the taxonomic status of the genus Pseudomastus (Annelida, Capitellidae)
A comprehensive review and comparison regarding the two genera of Pseudomastus showed minor differences, and the genus was placed in synonymy with Leiochrides. Expand
Two new species of the genus Zeuxo (Peracarida: Tanaidacea) from the west and south coast of Korea
Detailed morphological features between same- and different-sized females of Zeuxo gracilis are compared and discussed, and additional character states are proposed for defining new and/or sibling species within the Z. normani species complex. Expand
A new Notomastus (Annelida, Capitellidae) species from Korean waters, with genetic comparison based on three gene markers
The Korean new species closely resembles N. torquatus Hutchings & Rainer, 1979 in the chaetal arrangement and the details of abdominal segments, but differs in the position of genital pores and the absence of eyes. Expand
Two New Species of Leptochelia (Crustacea, Tanaidacea) from the West Coast of Korea
Two new species of Leptochelia Dana, 1849 are described from the western coast of Korea and a comparison with closely related species belonging to the ‘dubia/savignyi group’ is tabulated and discussed. Expand
First record of Heterorhabdus papilliger(Calanoida, Heterorhabdidae) from Korean waters based on morphological and molecular features
The family Heterorhabdidae Sars (1902), a typical mesozooplankton from the epipelagic to the bathypelagic zone, is ecologically important in pelagic marine ecosystems because of its high abundanceExpand