Man-Kang Leung

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This paper introduces a novel surface-modeling method to stochastically distribute features on arbitrary topological surfaces. The generated distribution of features follows the Poisson disk distribution, so we can have a minimum separation guarantee between features and avoid feature overlap. With the proposed method, we not only can interactively adjust(More)
Synthesizing textures on arbitrary surfaces is a time consuming process. We have to analyze the surface geometry and map texture values onto the input surface adaptively. Texture tiling provides an alternative approach by decoupling the texture synthesis process into two steps: surface mapping and tile placement. This paper reformulates the texture tiling(More)
This paper presents a modular framework to efficiently apply the bidirectional texture functions (BTF) onto object surfaces. The basic building blocks are the BTF tiles. By constructing one set of BTF tiles, a wide variety of objects can be textured seamlessly without resynthesizing the BTF. The proposed framework nicely decouples the surface appearance(More)
This paper introduces a graphical user interface approach to facilitate an efficient and timely generation of statistic data from input videos. By means of a carefully-designed graphical user interface, users can interactively add in various kinds of markers, known as the statistic inducers, on the screen of an input video to specify the areas of interest(More)
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