Man Ho Han

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Sensor nodes may be easily compromised and seized by adversaries, because they are disseminated in hostile environments. Adversaries may try various security attacks on sensor networks using compromised nodes. False data injection attacks using nodes may cause false alarms, and severe energy waste. The dynamic en-route filtering scheme (DEF) can detect and(More)
We describe a pyrophosphate (PPi) probe that is based on a fluorescent dicarboxylate-substituted poly(para-phenyleneethynylene) (PPE) and 10 nm cobalt-iron spinel nanoparticles (NPs) in aqueous media. The spinel NPs efficiently quench the fluorescence of the PPE at a concentration of 20-30 pmol. Addition of phosphate anions to the PPE-NP construct displaces(More)
Sensor networks can be easily compromised by an adversary because of hostile environments. An adversary may use compromised nodes to inject false reports into the network. The dynamic en-route scheme to filter false data injection can detect and drop such false reports during the forwarding phase. In this scheme, determining between a threshold value and(More)
Abstract: Wireless sensor networks are vulnerable to false data injection attacks, because they are disseminated in hostile environments. Adversaries can inject false report into the network using compromised nodes, with the goal of deceiving the base station and draining the energy resource of forwarding node. The dynamic en-route filtering scheme (DEF)(More)
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