Man-Gon Park

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the present concept of U-Healthcare is based on treatment, recuperation and in the future it will become specialized as wellness based on prevention. It is predicted that wellness care among others will develop to become the key field of U-Healthcare. For this reason in this research, ubiquitous technology was grafted to the passometer (P-meter) which is(More)
The banking industry is continuing to grow and their technology implementation is forever expanding due to the number of customers that they receive and new challenges they have to face periodically. Regardless of that, the present world of threats attacking the banking industry is not reducing neither will it slow down anytime soon. Vulnerabilities are(More)
Scientist since early 19<sup>th</sup> has discussed a lot about stress theories such as &#x201C;Theory of Emotion&#x201D;, &#x201C;General Adaptation Syndrome Model&#x201D;, and &#x201C;Theory of Cognitive Appraisal&#x201D;. Lately there are several studies about stress recognition by analyzing physical phenomenon. Beside the physically seen phenomenon,(More)
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