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Kuhn, followed by Tsuchiya and Kikuno, have developed a hierarchy of relationships among several common types of faults (such as variable and expression faults) for specification-based testing by studying the corresponding fault detection conditions. Their analytical results can help explain the relative effectiveness of various fault-based testing(More)
Various methods of generating test cases based on Boolean specijications have previously been proposed. These methods are fault-based in the sense that test cases are aimed at detecting particular types of faults. Empirical results suggest that these methods are good at detecting particular types of faults. However, there is no information on the ability of(More)
Detection conditions of specific classes of faults have recently been studied by many researchers. Under the assumption that at most one of these faults occurs in the software under test, these fault detection conditions were mainly used in two ways. First, they were used to develop test case selection strategies for detecting corresponding classes of(More)
This paper provides a study of how to design and implement Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) in NS2 (Network Simulator version 2). A wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of a number of sensors which are spatially distributed and are capable of computing, communicating and sensing. NS2 is an event-driven simulation tool that is useful in studying the dynamic(More)