Man Chun John Ma

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BACKGROUND The metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a collection of co-occurring complex disorders including obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and insulin resistance. The Lyon hypertensive and Lyon normotensive rats are models of MetS sensitivity and resistance, respectively. To identify genetic determinants and mechanisms underlying MetS, an F2 intercross(More)
The metabolic syndrome (MetS), a complex disorder involving hypertension, obesity, dyslipidemia and insulin resistance, is a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The Lyon Hypertensive (LH), Lyon Normotensive (LN) and Lyon Low-pressure (LL) rats are inbred strains simultaneously derived from a common outbred Sprague Dawley colony by(More)
Hypertension is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and end organ failure, and is often found concomitant with disorders characteristic of the Metabolic Syndrome (MetS), including obesity, dyslipidemia, and insulin resistance. While the associated features often occur together, the pathway(s) or mechanism(s) linking hypertension(More)
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