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In this paper we present a new algorithm for solving nonlinear equations and this method requires the use of the first and second derivatives of the function as Halley s, Laguerre s, Chebyshev s and other classical methods do. It has well known geometric interpretation and admits its geometric derivation from a circle. Further, the executed comparative(More)
In this review, we present few perspective applications in the healthcare background and describe the security challenges in WSNs. It has created new domain of WBANs and Wireless Sensor Networks healthcare applications is increasing array of location tags and wearable vital sign sensors. In real-time mode it is continuously trace both healthcare personnel(More)
Now a day’s technology is growing in every aspect but the basic needs to save the memory and time utilization still remains. Whenever we deal with any kind of data (audio, video, text) we are bound to compress the data to minimize the space and time utilization, Data compression is a common requirement for most of the computerized applications, this paper(More)
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