Mamta Tiwari

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PURPOSE To correlate the clinical presentation and treatment outcome of Nocardia keratitis with the time to diagnosis, different species and with the drug sensitivity pattern. METHOD Patients with Nocardia corneal ulcers were studied at a tertiary eye care center. Speciation of Nocardia isolates was done by sequencing the 16s rRNA gene. Clinical response(More)
BACKGROUND Coverage of cervical pap smear test in Nepal is below general global values. One of the reasons may be that cervical cancer prevention policy of Nepal has 'Visual Inspection of Cervix with Acetic Acid' as the only screening tool. The focus of present study was to find out association of demographic factors, knowledge and attitude regarding(More)
Kikuchi–Fujimoto disease is so named because Kikuchi and Fujimoto were the first scientists to describe it in Japan in 1972. Although the disease has been reported from all over the world and more so from Asia, it is rare. To date only eight cases have been reported from Nepal. Cervical lymphadenopathy, fever and raised Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate are(More)
In This paper presents an overview of a state-of-the-art text-independent speaker verification system. First, an introduction proposes a modular scheme of the training and test phases of a speaker verification system. Then, the most commonly speech parameterization used in speaker verification, namely, cepstral analysis, is detailed. Gaussian mixture(More)
Each and every sector in this modern world is undergoing rapid change due to the impact of IT field. Most of the social problems are analyzed by using various statistical and computational tools. In India, Fisheries is an unorganized sector and fishermen community are socially backward due to the exploitation of the middlemen. This paper, firstly evaluates(More)
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