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The problem for filtering certain classes of systems which incorporate nonlinear, uncertainty initial condition is addressed. An extended risk-sensitive filter (ERSF) is reexamined and, new iterated version of that ERSF called the iterated extended risk sensitive filters (IERSF) is developed. An ERSF weakness specifically accumulation error in the computing(More)
There is a growing demand for network devices capable of examining the content of the Data packet in order to improve the network security and provide application specific services. Most high performance systems that perform deep packet inspection implement simple string matching algorithms to match packets against a large but finite set of strings .However(More)
Data mining technology has emerged as a means for identifying patterns and trends from large quantities of data, Data mining has used a data warehousing model of gathering all data into a central site, then running an algorithm against that data. Privacy considerations may prevent this approach. For example, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) may want to(More)
In now a days Password authentication plays a vital role typing biometrics as a transparent layer of user authentication for security. Keystroke authentication provides security to the applications like electronic mail, banking and any other web services etc., There are several types of techniques to protect our passwords but it can be easily hacked by the(More)
A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a self-organizing, infrastructure less, multi-hop network and mobile nodes are free to move in any network. Due to their lack of centralized control, and dynamic topology, MANETs are vulnerable to many attacks. From a security design perspective, there is no built-in security. So, security is one of the main concerns in ad(More)
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