Mamoun Majzoub Mohammed

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Early diagnosis and effective treatment with an appropriate drug form the main components of the World Health Organization's strategy to reduce malaria related mortality. The few available drugs might be safeguarded if combined with artesunate. The addition of artesunate to a standard antimalarial treatment substantially reduces treatment failure,(More)
arly diagnosis and effective treatment with appropriate drug is the main component of the World Health Organization (WHO) strategy to reduce malaria-related mortality.1 For many years the treatment of malaria in Africa has relied on chloroquine, sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine (SP), and quinine, with the latter being used mainly to treat severe cases.(More)
This was a cross-sectional hospital-based study conducted at Neurology Department, Shaab Teaching Hospital, Khartoum in a period of two years. The aim of the study was to determine the most affected region of the spine in adult Sudanese patients with Pott's disease. Hundred patients with clinical suspicion of spinal TB were enrolled in the study. Clinical(More)
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