Mamoru Sawahashi

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Wideband wireless access based on direct sequence code diviABSTRACT sion multiple access aimed at third-generation mobile communications systems is reviewed. W-CDMA is designed to flexibly offer wideband services which cannot be provided by present cellular systems, wi th various data rates as high as 2 Mb/s. The important concept of W-CDMA is the(More)
This paper proposes broadband packet wireless access employing Variable Spreading Factor-Orthogonal Frequency and Code Division Multiplexing (VSF-OFCDM) with two-dimensional spreading that prioritizes time domain spreading in the forward link and Multi-carrier/DS-CDMA (MC/DSCDMA) in the reverse link for the system beyond IMT-2000. Based on the wireless(More)
This paper presents experimental results on real-time packet transmission of greater than 1 Gb/s using 4-by-4 multipleinput–multiple-output (MIMO) multiplexing and maximum-likelihood detection (MLD)-based signal detection with a decreased level of computational complexity in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) radio access. We apply our(More)