Mamoona Mushtaq

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The genus Brachyspira currently encompasses seven valid species that colonize the intestines of mammals and birds. In a previous study a group of strongly haemolytic isolates from pigs and mallards was provisionally described as a new species within genus Brachyspira, “B. suanatina”, and enteropathogenic properties were demonstrated in a porcine challenge(More)
UNLABELLED Background and Objective : Research evidence supports the relationship of psychological and demographic factors with hypertension and these variables are strongest predictors of hypertension which are scarcely studied in Pakistan. The present study was carried out to explore the correlation of depression, anxiety, stress and demographic factors(More)
'Treponema phagedenis' is considered to be a key agent in the pathogenesis of bovine digital dermatitis, an infectious foot condition of economic and animal welfare importance. We hereby report the draft sequence of 'T. phagedenis' strain V1. The draft genome assembly consists of 51 scaffolds comprising 3,129,551 bp and a GC-content of 39.9 %. Putative(More)
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