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“Can NLP techniques be utilized as a reliable tool for medical science?” - Building a NLP Framework to Classify Medical Reports
An ensemble of top-performing algorithms to accomplish classification task on medical reports is created and it is concluded that an ensemble approach can provide reliable outcomes with accuracy over 92% and that the current state of the art is unequipped to provide the result with the standard needed for health sectors but an ensemble of these techniques can be a pathway for future research direction.
On Lifted Inference Using Neural Embeddings
A dense representation for Markov Logic Networks (MLNs) called Obj2Vec is presented that encodes symmetries in the MLN structure and leverages well-known skip-gram models to learn an embedding for MLN objects that predicts the context of an object.
Map Reduce Implementation for Malicious Websites Classification
This project wanted to implement a classifier that would detect benign and malicious websites using network and application features that are available in a data-set from Kaggle, and it will do that using MapReduce to make the classification speeds faster than the traditional approaches.