Mamiko Kanamaru

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Phenanthrene was adsorbed from ethanol solution to the surface of single wall carbon nanotubes, which were previously physically and chemically characterized. Different anionic surfactants were added in the solutions to enhance the phenanthrene solubility and apparently have also improved the dispersion of two respective nanotube samples used. Adsorbed(More)
The dispersion process of single-wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) by using sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (NaDDBS) was studied by means of surface tension measurements, ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and transmission electron spectroscopy (TEM). The critical micelle concentration (CMC) and the concentration where(More)
A 35-channel optical scanner integrating a mirror array and a collimator-lens array was fabricated. The mirror array consists of a mirror substrate with 35 single-axis-rotational mirrors and an electrode substrate for actuating the corresponding mirror by electrostatic force. Each substrate includes two kinds of through-holes: one for passing a(More)
This paper presents an electro-thermal microactuator for a dual stage actuation scheme. The size of the microactuator is 1.5&#x00D7;1.3&#x00D7;0.3 mm<sup>3</sup>. Power consumption was 5.8mW when the applied voltage was 3.5+/-3.5V from DC to 100 kHz. The resonant frequency was designed to be 36 kHz, and the achieve value was 33 kHz. We also developed a(More)
The paper describes a new three-dimensional (3D) MEMS optical switch. The switch consists of a collimator array for generating optical beams, and a MEMS mirror array for changing the directions of the beams. Each of the 18 optical ports can be either an input or an output, giving the switch a flexible configuration of 8/spl times/8, 2/spl times/16, and so(More)
Single-wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) bundles were pillared by fullerene (C60) by the cosonication of C60 and SWCNT in toluene to utilize the interstitial pores for hydrogen storage. C60-pillared SWCNTs were confirmed by the shift in the X-ray diffraction peak and the expanded hexagonal and distorted tetragonal bundles revealed by high-resolution transmission(More)
We present a new light delivery mechanics for thermally assisted magnetic recording using a Si-submount. It was sandwiched between a suspension and a slider. Experiments using the prototype showed that the slider fly-ability was stable and the temperature rise of LD estimated by the fluctuation of laser power was very close to that predicted by thermal(More)
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