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This article attempts to clarify the psychopathological features of "primary social withdrawal". Since the concept of "social withdrawal" in general may include various diseases, we isolated and defined "primary social withdrawal" by excluding cases that could be diagnosed by established classifications of mental disorders. First, we examined two cases of(More)
Psychopathological investigation was conducted on the basis of the clinical observation of 23 subjects whose cenesthopathic symptoms began before 30 years of age. This illness is called 'adolescent cenesthopathy' based on the specificity of this mental condition to the adolescent period. Adolescent cenesthopathy is compared to schizophrenia,(More)
The problem of 'social withdrawal' among young adults is the focus of considerable attention in Japan today. Among the various manifestations of social withdrawal, a 'primary social withdrawal' group has been identified that cannot be diagnosed by the established classification of mental disorders. In an earlier report it was suggested that the onset(More)
In treating patients with severe anorexia nervosa, it is important to improve their physical condition first. Patients who had lost close to 60% standard bodyweight (SBW) were candidates for inpatient treatment due to the mortality risk. With 80% SBW as the target for therapy, they were given both intravenous hyperalimentation and food by oral intake in(More)
In order to improve the quality of life (QOL) and continue nursing, we used an assessment chart to investigate the actual situations and problems of the patients receiving home intravenous hyperalimentation (IVH). From January, 1997 to June, 1999, we investigated 20 patients with home IVH. To 7 patients among them, we asked questions using Kurihara's(More)
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