Mamata Bhandar

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Although recognition counts among the numerous factors that contribute towards the success of virtual communities, it has received little attention in both academic and practitioner studies. Adopting the Theory of Information Sharing as the conceptual foundation, this interpretive case study examines the effect of recognition on participation in a virtual(More)
IS projects have been extensively studied, yet continue to be riddled with problems. The concern is aggravated in collaborative IS projects since they involve dual challenges of managing inter-organizational relationships and of integrating diverse knowledge bases across organizations that may possess distinct strategic goals and conflicting interests.(More)
The central idea of this paper is to comprehend knowledge integration in inter-organizational IS projects through a knowledge cluster view of inter-organizational IS projects. The proliferation of such projects combined with the complexity of managing them, motivated this study. The study is based on a single case study which involves four organizations(More)
INTRODUCTION There are many definitions of blogs, as they have intrigued many in the education field. A blog is a read-write web educational application in which a target audience can freely share insights, experiences, recommendations, or comments on the topic or blog post of another peer in that audience group. In other words, a blog needs to be treated(More)
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