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PURPOSE Biofeedback is an emerging tool to acquire and facilitate physiological and psychological domains of the human body like response time and concentration. Thus, the present study aims at determining the reconstitution of psychomotor and performance skills in basketball players through biofeedback training. METHODS Basketball players (N=30) with(More)
diabetes, which is commonly diagnosed in children and adolescents. Reaction time is often overlooked and usually under-estimated element in the preparation process for athletes. Athletes with diabetes present unique challenges with regard to their medication, education, and exercise recommendations. A player’s ability to respond quickly, properly, and(More)
Coping with pressure and anxiety is an ineluctable demand of sports performance. Heart rate variability (HRV) Biofeedback (BFB) shall be used as a tool for self regulating physiological responses resulting in improved psycho physiological interactions. For further analysis, the present study has been designed to examine the relationship between anxiety and(More)
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