Mamadou C Baldé

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Spontaneous baroreflex receptor sensitivity (BRS) was calculated in 22 healthy normotensive children and young adults (age 14 +/- 5 years) using the sequence technique (time domain) and the alpha-coefficient or the gain of the transfer function between coherent oscillations (frequency domain). BRS estimated by the sequence technique (median: 16.7 ms/mm Hg)(More)
The posterior hypothalamus of anaesthetized cats was superfused through a push-pull cannula with histamine agonists and antagonists and the release of endogenous catecholamines was determined in the superfusate. Hypothalamic superfusion with histamine, 2-methylhistamine (H1-agonist), dimaprit (H2-agonist) or metiamide (H2-antagonist) enhanced the release of(More)
In anaesthetized rabbits guide cannulae were stereotaxically inserted into the anterior hypothalamic area and into the posterior hypothalamic nucleus. Additionally, catheters were inserted into the carotid artery and the jugular vein. Some days after the operation push-pull cannulae were inserted through the guide cannulae into the hypothalamic regions of(More)
In Guinea Elapids are responsible for 20% of envenomations. The associated case fatality rate (CFR) ranged 15-27%, irrespective of treatment. We studied 77 neurotoxic envenomations divided in 3 groups: a set of patients that received only traditional or symptomatic treatments, and two other groups that received either 2 or 4 initial vials of Antivipmyn®(More)
During public health crises such as the recent outbreaks of Ebola virus disease in West Africa, breakdowns in public health systems can lead to epidemics of vaccine-preventable diseases. We report here on an outbreak of measles in the prefecture of Lola, Guinea, which started in January 2015.
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