Malvin E Ring

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Only one copy exists of the very first medical self-help book written in the Yiddish language. The author, a well respected. barber-surgeon in Prague, states that he wrote the book for those too poor to consult a physician. Physicians were not as knowledgable or experienced as the barber-surgeons who were the principal providers of medical care for the(More)
The profession of dentistry has long attracted individuals who were often multi-talented, achieving fame in fields other than dentistry, such as literature, business, sports, and politics. Several have been justly rewarded with worldwide recognition. Many of these outstanding individuals continued to practice their profession while carrying on their(More)
Stents have been used in numerous medical disciplines, as well as in oral surgical procedures. Uses range from rebuilding mandibles and constructing new ureters, to keeping coronary arteries patent after angioplasty. The earliest use of the word "stent" to describe this item was in 1916, when a Dutch plastic surgeon described how he used a dental impression(More)
For thousands of years people have tried to explain toothache as the result of a worm residing in a carious tooth. Fumigation of the carious tooth, with the smoke from burning henbane or leek seeds, was used to drive the "toothworm" out of the tooth. A quack in modern China adopted the same ruse and supposedly drove the worms out of student's tooth. This(More)