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Eight protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors with in vitro epidermal growth factor receptor kinase 50% inhibitory concentration values ranging from 0.043 to 22 microM were studied for their ability to inhibit the growth of the murine interleukin-3 (IL-3) dependent myeloid 32D cl3(G) cell line and, a subclone (LG7) transformed to IL-3 independent growth by(More)
Current evidence suggests that the expression of the tyrosine kinase p210bcr/abl in chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) may directly induce the initial phase of granulocytic hyperplasia. However, the dysregulation of additional genes appears to be required for transition to the acute leukemic phase, as inferred by the appearance of recurrent secondary(More)
An isomelezitose synthase was redesigned out of the sucrose isomerase from Protaminobacter rubrum for the synthesis of isomelezitose (6-O(F)-glucosylsucrose), a potential nutraceutical. The variants F297A, F297P, R333K, F321A_F319A and E428D catalyze the formation of isomelezitose in up to 70 % yield.
There is evidence that the T-cell antigen receptor is immunoglobulin-related and that normal human T cells express surface determinants which cross-react with chicken anti-F(ab')2, anti-alpha and anti-mu antibodies. Surface marker study of six neoplastic human T cell lines suggested that F(ab')2- and mu-cross-reactive determinants may be expressed(More)
BACKGROUND It is well known that carbohydrates play fundamental roles in cell signaling and infection processes as well as tumor formation and progression. However, the interaction pathways and cellular receptors targeted by carbohydrates and glycoconjugates remain poorly examined and understood. This lack of research stems, at least to a major part, from(More)
β-glucans are well-known modulators of the immune system in mammals but little is known about β-glucan triggered immunity in planta. Here we show by isothermal titration calorimetry, circular dichroism spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy that the FGB1 gene from the root endophyte Piriformospora indica encodes for a secreted(More)
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