Malte Meißner

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There is a wide range of devices and scientific simulation generating volumetric data. Visualizing such data, ranging from regular data sets to scattered data, is a challenging task. This course will give an introduction to the volume rendering transport theory and the involved issues such as interpolation, illumination, classification and others. Different(More)
ASDeX is an XML-based specification language for analog circuits. In this contribution we extend the ASDeX format for a usage in a synthesis work-flow. The intention is to realize a full-automatic synthesis of analog circuits from a given ASDeX specification representing all needed information for synthesis. With the help of ASDeX's API a reuse and an(More)
Enterprise models help to make enterprise processes and services more transparent while also improving stockholders' abilities to analyze, optimize and control them. These models include every relevant element as well as enterprise processes, including their relationships with one another. the growing complexity of these models reduces their usability as(More)
In this paper we will present a system to use three dimensional computer graphics in garment design. This system is capable to visualize the " real " , i.e. the physically correct, appearance of a knitted fabric. A fast visualization of a physically correct micro-structure garment is of crucial importance in textile industry, since it enables fast and less(More)
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