Malte Müller

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This sequel to Afzali Borujeni et. al. (2015) considers minors and duals of infinite gammoids. We prove that the class of gammoids defined by digraphs not containing a certain type of substructure, called an outgoing comb, is minor-closed. Also, we prove that finite-rank minors of gammoids are gammoids. Furthermore, the topological gammoids of Carmesin(More)
Framed field experiments are widely applied to study behavior in common pool resource dilemmas. Anecdotal evidence suggests that participation in such experiments improves cooperation in actual field settings. Yet, formal tests of such relationships are absent from the literature. We present results from a field experiment, investigating how participation(More)
The resonance of diurnal tidal elevations is investigated with a forward ocean tide model run in a realistic near-global domain and a synthesis of free oscillations (normal modes) computed for realistic global ocean geometries and ocean physics. As a prelude to performing the forward ocean tide simulations, the topographic wave drag, which is now commonly(More)
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