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The connected tree-width of a graph is the minimum width of a tree-decomposition whose parts induce connected subgraphs. Long cycles are examples of graphs that have small tree-width but large connected tree-width. We show that a graph has small connected tree-width if and only if it has small tree-width and contains no long geodesic cycle. We further prove(More)
We investigate interfacial properties between two highly incompatible polymers of different stiffness. The extensive Monte Carlo simulations of the binary polymer melt yield detailed interfacial profiles and the in-terfacial tension via an analysis of capillary fluctuations. We extract an effective Flory-Huggins parameter from the simulations, which is used(More)
The aims of the paper are (i) to describe the annual distribution of extreme runoff events on the Mura, Drava and Sava Rivers, (ii) to demonstrate their association with moisture fluxes, and (iii) to explain their annual distribution by moisture flux climatology. Extreme runoff events were defined as rapid increases in daily mean discharge. Moisture flux(More)
This sequel to Afzali Borujeni et. al. (2015) considers minors and duals of infinite gammoids. We prove that the class of gammoids defined by digraphs not containing a certain type of substructure, called an outgoing comb, is minor-closed. Also, we prove that finite-rank minors of gammoids are gammoids. Furthermore, the topological gammoids of Carmesin(More)
We present a quantitative comparison between extensive Monte Carlo simulations and self-consistent field calculations on the phase diagram and wetting behavior of a symmetric, binary (AB) polymer blend confined into a film. The flat walls attract one component via a short range interaction. The repulsion between monomers of different types leads to an upper(More)
Framed field experiments are widely applied to study behavior in common pool resource dilemmas. Anecdotal evidence suggests that participation in such experiments improves cooperation in actual field settings. Yet, formal tests of such relationships are absent from the literature. We present results from a field experiment, investigating how participation(More)
Due to manufacturing tolerances and aging effects, future embedded systems have to cope with unreliable components. The intensity of such effects depends on uncertain aspects like environmental or usage conditions such that highly safety-critical systems are pessimistically designed for worst-case mission profiles. In this work, we propose to explicitly(More)
Finite strict gammoids, introduced in the early 1970's, are matroids defined via finite digraphs equipped with some set of sinks: a set of vertices is independent if it admits a linkage to these sinks. In particular, an independent set is maximal (i.e. a base) precisely if it is linkable onto the sinks. In the infinite setting, this characterization of the(More)
The resonance of diurnal tidal elevations is investigated with a forward ocean tide model run in a realistic near-global domain and a synthesis of free oscillations (normal modes) computed for realistic global ocean geometries and ocean physics. As a prelude to performing the forward ocean tide simulations, the topographic wave drag, which is now commonly(More)