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We propose a novel method for object search in realistic environments. We formalize object search as a probabilistic inference problem over possible object locations. The method makes two contributions. First, we identify five priors, each capturing structure inherent to the physical world that is relevant to the search problem. Second, we propose a(More)
Depth sensors based on projected structured light have become standard in robotics research. However, when several of these sensors share the same workspace, the measurement quality can deteriorate significantly due to interference of the projected light patterns. We present a comprehensive study of this effect in Kinect and Xtion RGB-D sensors. In(More)
Afferent neuron-mediated gastric mucosal protection has been suggested to result from the local release of vasodilator peptides such as calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) from afferent nerve endings within the stomach. The present study, therefore, examined whether rat alpha-CGRP, administered via different routes, is able to protect against mucosal(More)
We investigate how video-based recognition of rat social behavior is affected by two common tracking errors – animal misidentification and inaccurate localization of body parts. Our analyses show that correct identification is required to accurately recognize interactions. Precise local-ization of body points is beneficial for recognizing interactions that(More)
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