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—Malicious applications pose a threat to the security of the Android platform. The growing amount and diversity of these applications render conventional defenses largely ineffective and thus Android smartphones often remain unprotected from novel malware. In this paper, we propose DREBIN, a lightweight method for detection of Android malware that enables(More)
In this booth on fine grain reconfigurable architectures, several research groups demonstrate their joint work on operating concepts for managing dynamic and partial reconfiguration, visualization of bitstreams and routing, presenting an application applying dynamic reconfiguration for video engines as well as work on minimization of reconfiguration data.(More)
Multiprocessor hardware architectures enable to distribute tasks of an application to several microprocessors, in order to exploit parallelism for accelerating the performance of computation. Especially for the application domain of image data processing, where computation performance is a crucial factor to keep the real-time requirements, this approach is(More)
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