Malte Elson

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There is a large amount of variables that need to be taken into account when studying the effects of violent content in digital games; one of those being difficulty. In the current study participants played a modified first-person shooter in one of four different conditions, with either high or low difficulty and high or low violent game content. We(More)
Hardware reverse engineering is a universal tool for both legitimate and illegitimate purposes. On the one hand, it supports confirmation of IP infringement and detection of circuit malicious manipulations, on the other hand it provides adversaries with crucial information to plagiarize designs, infringe on IP, or implant hardware Trojans into a target(More)
There is an underexploited potential in enhancing massive online learning courses through small-group learning activities. Size and diversity allow for optimizing group composition in small-group tasks. The purpose of this paper was to investigate how groups formed based on learner behavior affect productivity of students in a small-group task. Students(More)