Malte Blumberg

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Abusing parents are not always criminals. Deficient rearing during childhood deprived them of ego controls that could prevent them from injuring their children as projections of their own anger. Psychoanalytic therapy and ancillary measures can rehabilitate the crisis family. Methods are under study to identify and check potential abusing parents.
Character disorders in children may arise from abuse or neglect by the family or from stresses of the broader social environment. Physically handicapped and mentally retarded children have innate disabilities that predispose them to problematic interaction with their surroundings. Early professional multidisciplinary intervention can often avert future(More)
Depressive affect of continuing depression do occur in children. Behavioral symptoms can be described as masked depression. Deficient rearing, neglect, and physical and sexual abuse are most significant causes of childhood depression. Suicide and suicide attempts usually result from prolonged depression. Management must be multidisciplinary and aimed at(More)
Masked depression in the hospitalized child is precipitated by maternal separation and anxiety aggravated by environmental, somatic, and existing personality factors. Age, stage of ego development, and comprehension are important influences. Psychiatrically oriented as well as somatically indicated therapy is essential for a favorable outcome. Parents(More)
Psychodynamics of personality and ego development are related to motor development. The body image concept, important for normal psychologic performance is often impaired by somatic or cerebral defects. Adolescents are particularly depressed by loss of self-esteem and thwarting of future career goals. Sexuality is an important consideration for the(More)
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