Malte Barten

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Human papillomavirus (HPV) infections in oral carcinomas and normal oral mucosa were studied by consensus primer screening and typing for HPV types 6/11, 16 and 18 DNA. After polymerase chain reaction (PCR) the DNA species of interest were identified by Southern blot hybridization with digoxigenin-labeled oligonucleotide probes. Frozen tissue and scrapings(More)
Previous studies have identified high numbers of intraepithelial T lymphocytes to be associated with good prognosis in various types of cancer. Few studies addressing this issue have been published for colorectal cancer. In a simulated prospective approach ("phase II prognostic factor study"), all nonmetachronous International Union Against Cancer (UICC)(More)
We have examined 118 oral squamous cell carcinomas, 72 oral leukoplakias, 12 cases of cheilitis and 65 of oral lichen planus for the presence of human papillomavirus (HPV) 6/11, 16 and 18 DNA by PCR/Southern blot hybridization. HPV DNA were found in 51/118 carcinomas (43.2%), in 16/72 (22.2%) leukoplakias, 3/12 (25.0%) cheilitic lesions and 10/65 (15.4%)(More)
AIMS The term tumour 'budding' has been coined for the detachment of tumour cells from the neoplastic glands of adenocarcinomas and is presumed to be an early step in the metastatic process. A limited number of studies have shown budding to be an adverse prognostic factor. METHODS AND RESULTS All primary single, non-metachronous TNM stage I/II colorectal(More)
The fine needle aspiration cytology of the breast is the only way for the morphological examination of suspicious palpable lesions without surgical procedure. The cytological examination is able to produce clinical relevant results on the basis of typical microscopical pictures especially in breast carcinoma, fibroadenoma, and cysts. However it must be(More)
PURPOSE After neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy and surgery, there is no general agreement about whether postoperative chemotherapy is necessary. With the help of clinical and pathohistologic data, prognostic factors were determined as a basis for the decision to spare a patient additional chemotherapy or to urgently recommend it. RESULTS Ninety-five patients(More)
AIMS Microvessel densities in cancers have been shown to be a prognostic factor for some types of cancer. For colorectal cancer, however, the situation is far from clear. METHODS A consecutive series of 173 colorectal carcinomas was investigated, and to these were added 55 liver metastases originating from colorectal cancer. Microvessels were counted in(More)
Tumours of the glandular stomach and upper small intestine were induced in rats by oral administration of MNNG. In most cases the lesions were identified histologically as adenocarcinomas and their prestages, such as polypeous and downward growing adenomatous hyperplasias. Out of 48 adenomatous hyperplasias and adenocarcinomas of the stomach and 24 well(More)
We aimed to evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of autologous umbilical cord blood mononuclear cell (UCMNC) transplantation on right ventricular (RV) function in a novel model of chronic RV volume overload. Four-month-old sheep (n = 20) were randomized into cell (n = 10) and control groups (n = 10). After assessment of baseline RV function by the(More)
OBJECTIVE It was the aim of this study to determine the screening history of all invasive cervical carcinomas between 2004 and 2009 in one of the Federal States of Germany. STUDY DESIGN The pooled data sets of all in-state laboratories, corrected and supplemented by data of the State Cancer Registry, were used. The screening histories of all patients,(More)