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We investigate the synergistic stimulation by K(+) plus NH4 (+) of (Na(+), K(+))-ATPase activity in microsomal preparations of whole zoea I and decapodid III, and in juvenile and adult river shrimp(More)
We evaluate (Na(+), K(+))-ATPase activity, and protein and gene expression of the α-subunit in posterior gills 6 and 7 of Callinectes ornatus, a euryhaline crab, during a 10-day acclimation period(More)
We provide an extensive characterization of the modulation by p-nitrophenylphosphate, Mg²⁺, Na⁺, K(+), Rb⁺, NH(4)(+) and pH of gill microsomal K⁺-phosphatase activity in the posterior gills of(More)
Fresh caught Clibanarius vittatus [SW, 31‰ salinity (S)] were acclimated to a dilute medium (15‰ S) for 10 days, employing silver staining to locate gill ion transporting tissue, immunofluorescence(More)
We provide a kinetic characterization of (Na+, K+)-ATPase activity in a posterior gill microsomal fraction from a hololimnetic population of the diadromous Amazon River shrimp Macrobrachium(More)
We investigated the effect of the exogenous polyamines spermine, spermidine and putrescine on modulation by ATP, K+, Na+, NH4 + and Mg2+ and on inhibition by ouabain of posterior gill microsomal(More)