Malsha Wickramaratna

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Biodegradable polyurethanes offer advantages in the design of injectable or preformed scaffolds for tissue engineering and other medical implant applications. We have developed two-part injectable prepolymer systems (prepolymer A and B) consisting of lactic acid and glycolic acid based polyester star polyols, pentaerythritol (PE) and ethyl lysine(More)
UNLABELLED The use of alginate based microcapsules to deliver drugs and cells with a minimal host interaction is increasingly being proposed. A proficient method to track the position of the microcapsules during such therapies, particularly if they are amenable to commonly used instrumentation, would greatly help the development of such treatments. Here we(More)
Therapeutic biomolecules produced from cells encapsulated within alginate microcapsules (MCs) offer a potential treatment for a number of diseases. However the fate of such MCs once implanted into the body is difficult to establish. Labelling the MCs with medical imaging contrast agents may aid their detection and give researchers the ability to track them(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess support discs, comprising polyethylene terephthalate (PET), coated with different polymer/levofloxacin combinations for antimicrobial activity in an animal model of infection, in order to explore the use of specific polymer coatings incorporating levofloxacin as a means of reducing device-related infections. METHODS Aliphatic(More)
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