Malokele Nanivazo

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This paper examines the link between income per capita, adult life expectancy and mortality rates for children. We construct an overlapping generations model and derive conditions under which the impact of income per capita on health outcomes is: (i) linear and positive; (ii) non-linear, positive and the marginal effect of income diminishes as income(More)
This paper investigates the impact of social transfer programmes on school enrolment and child labour in Malawi utilizing a micro-simulation evaluation method. Four hypothetical cash transfer programmes, differentiated in terms of their conditions on children’s enrolment and gender, are considered. Results show that boys’ enrolment increases in all four(More)
This paper performs a multidimensional first order dominance analysis of child wellbeing in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This methodology allows the ordinal ranking of the 11 provinces of the DRC in terms of their wellbeing based upon the probability of their domination. This empirical application obviates the need to adopt a weighting scheme for(More)
The Mexico City Policy (MCP) prohibits the United States Agency for International Development from providing aid to international non-governmental organizations that provide abortion-related services. This paper employs a panel data of 151 developing countries over the period of 1988‒2010, to examine the effect of the MCP on the allocation of family(More)
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