Mallory Yates

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The 5HT2 receptor has been studied using quantitative tritium film autoradiography in the postmortem frontal cortex of 15 cases suffering from major depression and controls, matched for age, gender, postmortem delay, and storage time. In unmedicated depressives there was a significant increase in 5HT2 receptor binding over matched control values.(More)
BACKGROUND the central tenet of the neurofacilitatory approach to stroke therapy is that muscle tone needs to be normal before normal movement can occur. A reliable clinical measure of the full spectrum of muscle tone is needed to test: (i) the purported relationship between muscle tone, other motor impairments and disability, and (ii) the effectiveness of(More)
This study investigated individual factors associated with repetition of deliberate self-harm (DSH) within three months of a first-ever episode. Individuals from an 'at risk' population who repeated DSH (N = 25) were compared with a socio-demographically matched group of 'at risk' individuals who did not engage in a further episode of DSH (N = 18). In(More)
A miniature electrostatic thruster is being developed in Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) at Boise State University. The thruster is composed of an antenna to create the plasma, a cylinder to contain the plasma, and grids to extract the plasma beam at high velocity. In this work, the development of the inductively coupled plasma (ICP) antenna in LTCC(More)
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