Mallory Soldner

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BACKGROUND Rapid scale up of HIV treatment programs in sub-Saharan Africa has refueled the long-standing health policy debate regarding the merits and drawbacks of vertical and integrated system. Recent pilots of integrating outpatient and HIV services have shown an improvement in some patient outcomes but deterioration in waiting times, which can lead to(More)
This research seeks to address potential " passenger-centric " modifications to the way that ground holding delays are allocated in Ground Delay Programs. The allocation of landing slots to arriving flights during time periods when the overall capacity at an airport is reduced due to adverse weather conditions or other circumstances is a well-studied(More)
Small warehouses generally have different needs than large warehouses. They usually do not have warehouse management systems that are data intensive and involve high capital investment. Operational procedures are more nebulous and management control is less rigid. Because of the difference in operational approach, different measures are needed in order to(More)
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