Mallory Ann Jensen

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Solar cells based on n-type upgraded metallurgical grade multicrystalline silicon (mc-Si) substrates may be a promising path for reducing the cost per watt of photovoltaics. The detrimental effect of metal point defects in both n- and p-type silicon is known, but the recombination activity of metal-silicide precipitates, especially in n-type mc-Si, is still(More)
Phosphorus implantation can provide a direct route to a high-performing emitter, with no surface dead layer and improved blue response, and potentially higher open-circuit voltage. Here, iron precipitation during gettering is investigated in phosphorus-implanted, low-oxygen monocrystalline silicon and its impact on device performance evaluated. Previously,(More)
We evaluate the performance and gettering response of n-type ingot silicon material grown by the noncontact crucible method for photovoltaic applications. As-grown lifetimes are >150 μs and relatively homogeneous through the ingot. We apply standard and extended gettering profiles to elucidate gettering response. Effective minority carrier(More)
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