Mallikarjuna Rao

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Systems of linear and nonlinear equations with fuzzy parameters are relevant to many practical problems arising in structure mechanics, electrical engineering , finance, economics and physics. In this paper three methods for solving such equations are discussed: method for outer interval solution of systems of linear equations depending linearly on interval(More)
This text will help students understand the concepts involved in CIM and it will provide a foundation for applying those concepts in actual industrial situations. CIM is. With design of products changing frequently, and functional requirements becoming more demanding, batch production of high precision components has become a necessity. The. Provides(More)
With the recent advances in smart phones and their ease of availability to common man, researchers are exploring efficient algorithms for face recognition on mobile devices for entertainment applications. The limited memory and processing power on mobile devices pose significant challenge to the satisfactory of popular face recognition algorithms like LBP,(More)
Expansive clayey soils are highly moisture sensitive with respect to stress, deformation and strength. These soils exhibit extreme variation in deformation such as heaving, loss of shear strength under certain Moisture Content and settlement and shrinkage as the Moisture Content alters. Swelling is the process of increase in volume of soil that occurs(More)
This paper represents a very strong mathematical algorithm for Automatic Speaker Recognition (ASR) system using MFCC and vector quantization technique in the digital world. MFCC and vector quantization techniques are the most preferable and promising these days so as to support a technological aspect and motivation of the significant progress in the area of(More)
Protecting transmission lines is very important for safeguard of the power system. There are many methods for protecting the power system from faults conventional methods and heuristic methods. The results obtained by conventional methods are difficulty because of the complexity of the system model, the lack of knowledge of its parameters, the large amount(More)
To investigate the antiarrthritic activity of petroleum-ether extract of Portulaca oleracea. The petroleum-ether extract of Portulaca oleracea was subjected to preliminary phytochemical screening. Acute toxicity studies were carried out in Male Wistar rats and anti-arthritic activity by Fruends adjuant arthritis model. Phytochemical evaluation revealed the(More)
Optimizing the planar concentric circular antenna array is a very complex problem as it contains more number of variables. Metaheuristic algorithms find the best solution for this as these algorithms perform iterative process which explores efficiently the search space that contains both the global search space and local search space. Here different(More)
— The purpose of this study was to improve the speech processing strategy for cochlear implants (CIs) A speech pre-processing algorithm is presented to improve the speech intelligibility in noise. The algorithm improves the intelligibility by optimally redistributing the speech energy over time and frequency for a perceptual distortion measure, the(More)
Chondrosarcoma of mandibular condyle is an extremely rare clinical entity with only 18 cases reported till date. We report a rare case of central myxoid chondrosarcoma in a 7 year old male child with a complaint of slow growing bony hard swelling of left mandibular condyle. Panoramic radiography and CT scan revealed a 5×3cm osteosclerotic and osteolytic(More)