Mallika Prakash

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A System on Chip (SoC) library for MOSIS scalable CMOS rules has been developed. It is intended for use with Synopsys and Cadence Design Systems Electronic Design Automation tools. Students can also use layout tools for semi-custom designs and insert them with the proposed design flow. Scalable submicron rules are used for the cell library, allowing it to(More)
ii Dedication To my family iii Acknowledgements I would like to thank my advisor Professor Peter A. Beerel for his valuable guidance and support though the entire course of this work. I would also like to thank Professors Massoud Pedram and Ken Alexander for taking the time to be part of my defense committee. I would also like to thank TrellisWare(More)
Acknowledgements I thank my advisor, Prof. Peter Beerel who has been the driving force behind this thesis for being an excellent teacher, mentor and friend, and his wife Janet and baby girl Kira for providing a welcoming and friendly environment to work in. I thank their support and companionship during the long hours that went into this work and for very(More)
This paper explores the advantages of high performance asynchronous circuits in a semi-custom standard cell environment for high-throughput turbo coding. Turbo codes are high-performance error correction codes used in applications where maximal information transfer is needed over a limited-bandwidth communication link in the presence of data corrupting(More)
Prominent harmonics in IT offices are essentially due to the presence of SMPS in computers large numbers. In a three-phase, four-wire system, current harmonics leads to flow zero sequence current in neutral conductor, increased losses in motors, false tripping of circuit breakers. In this paper, VSI is designed as a compensator based instantaneous reactive(More)
Power loss is a major issue in power system. In this paper Hysteresis Band Current controller based STATCOM is proposed to reduce power loss in transmission system. By compensating the load reactive power, the power loss in the transmission line is mitigated. Controller for STATCOM is designed and analyzed for linear and non-linear type loads. Simulation is(More)
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