Malkiel A. Cohen

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Recent studies have aimed to convert cultured human pluripotent cells to a naive state, but it remains unclear to what extent the resulting cells recapitulate in vivo naive pluripotency. Here we propose a set of molecular criteria for evaluating the naive human pluripotent state by comparing it to the human embryo. We show that transcription of transposable(More)
Several cell culture model systems in current use for studying tumour promotion mechanism are reviewed briefly. The conclusions that can be drawn from studies with the JB6 mouse epidermal system are summarized. Promoter-induced mitogenic stimulation, epidermal growth factor receptor binding and stimulated hexose transport are apparently not required for(More)
Hundreds of transcription factors (TFs) are expressed in each cell type, but cell identity can be induced through the activity of just a small number of core TFs. Systematic identification of these core TFs for a wide variety of cell types is currently lacking and would establish a foundation for understanding the transcriptional control of cell identity in(More)
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