Maliniak Whitehouse

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The authors have investigated the relationships between the amplitude of the ICP pulse wave, the mean values of ICP and CPP, and the outcome of 56 head injured ventilated patients. The ICP was monitored continuously using a Camino transducer (35 patients) or subdural catheter (21 patients). The mean Glasgow Coma Score was 6 (range 3-13; 5 patients had a GCS(More)
This case report brings to our attention a rare instance of a missed posterior shoulder dislocation, along with a clavicular fracture on the same side. These dislocations have a high chance of being overlooked on their own and there are no previous reports of such an injury in combination with fracture of the clavicle on the same side. This article seeks to(More)
Argyrodes antipodiana is a kleptoparasitic spider that builds its own web around the webs of other, larger host species. Males are more prone to have contests on webs of conspecific females than on webs of conspecific males. Males are also more likely to escalate interactions when on the females' webs than on males' webs, consistent with predictions from(More)
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