Malini Laloraya

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The nongenomic action of progesterone (P) on capacitated sperm in mediating acrosomal exocytosis operates through transmembrane signal transduction involving increased intracellular calcium ions and modulation of protein kinases and phospholipid metabolism through a second messenger pathway. Conflicting views exist regarding the nature of the nongenomic(More)
Acrosomal assembly during spermatogenesis and acrosome reaction during sperm-oocyte interaction are unique events of vesicle synthesis, transport, and fusion leading to fertilization. SNARE complex formation is essential for membrane fusion, and vesicle-associated (v-) SNARE intertwines with target membrane (t-) SNARE to form a coiled coil that bridges two(More)
Embryo implantation is effected by a myriad of signaling cascades acting on the embryo-endometrium axis. Here we show, by using MALDI TOF analysis, far-western analysis and colocalization and co-transfection studies, that STAT3 and MCL-1 are interacting partners during embryo implantation. We show in vitro that the interaction between the two endogenous(More)
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